Feb 2019 - Mar 2020 | Product Designer | Company-Winfooz

Vehicle inspection app

I worked for Winfooz as Product Designer. Winfooz product suit's essence is a marketplace for dealers to list their vehicles. At Winfooz (Win360) dealers have multiple ways to list their vehicles and display it to other dealers, either by buy, bid, or make offer option.

I Worked on a native Android experience to allow adding new vehicles, inspect, and remove based on the coming requests. Later, I developed the 360 experience for adding touch points on the vehicle. The 360 experience resulted in more immersed version of the products where we got excellent feedback from sales team. The app had successful onboarding flows which resulted in more sales agent to use it instantly without extra business costs to train them. VCI has started on tablet only but later we keep it only for mobile.

Role/Process Activities
Competitor Analysis
Low FI Wireframes
Hi Fi Wireframes
User Testing
Illustration Design

Brencil (Brain + Pencil)

Rafat applied user-centered approaches  to deliver research insights, experience maps, information architecture, and wireframes. He’s inquisitive, curious and open to continuous learning. His ideas, skills and creativity make any project a dream. Rafat is a top-notch UX designer that I would recommend to anyone building a new platform or app!
Rawand Dahnous- Sr UI Designer Winfooz

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