Help sales people add vehicles online smoothly

I Worked on a native Android experience to allow uploading new vehicles online to Winfooz marketplace. As part of the uploading flow, I developed a 360 experience for adding touch points on the vehicle. The 360 experience resulted in a more immersive version for the vehicle, the app had successful onboarding flow which resulted in more sales agent to use it instantly and upload dealer's vehicles to the platform without extra business cost to train them. VCI started on tablet only but later we kept it only for Andriod phones.



More sales agents to the company which help expand the business to The US. market and acquire new dealers.



MAR 2019 - MAR 2020
As part of my role at Winfooz as UX Designer


Interaction Design, User Flows, Illustration, Sketches.


Android Native experience


Listing a vehicle online should not be that hard

Listing a vehicle online is not an easy process, especially when the end user is a sales agent working in Canda where heavy cold snow is not a surprise. I and the team were tasked to build an app that empower sales agent to upload vehicles information online, including images and 360 view. The challenge was to maintain the right amount of information, we did a lot of prioritization  to understand what is mandatory, and what is optional. The app went into multiple rounds of feedback and iterations with the sales team, and finally resulted in a version that not only easy to use, but also quick to complete.

Rafat is one of most professional UX designers I've ever worked with.
He is always looking to do things in a perfect and innovative way. He is working closely with me in a daily basis to improve the user experience across all of our products and always takes the initiatives when it comes to apply the best practices and improvements in terms of UX. An excellent and supportive team player who always likes to share his knowledge and experience with other team members in order to get things done more than expected.
Ahmad Madhoun- Product Manager- Winfooz & Win 260

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