Mar 2019 - Mar 2020 | Product Designer | Company-Winfooz

Online auto trading experience

I worked for Winfooz as Product Designer. Winfooz product suit's essence is a marketplace for dealers to list their vehicles. At Winfooz (Win360) dealers have multiple ways to list their vehicles and display it to other dealers, either by buy, bid, or make offer option.

I worked on developing the add car experience across the products- Web, iOS, and Android. Starting from improving the registration flow until developing new card design for vehicle listing, Filteration experience, and enhance the CCR - Car Condition Report page.

Role/Process Activities
Competitor Analysis
Low FI Wireframes
Hi Fi Wireframes
User Testing
Illustration Design

Brencil (Brain + Pencil)

Final Outcome

Live Site
Rafat is one of most professional UX designers i've ever worked with, he is always looking to do things in a perfect and innovative way. He was working closely with me in a daily basis to improve the user experience across all of our products and always takes the initiatives when it comes to apply the best practices and improvements in terms of UX.
Ahmad Madhoun- Product owner - Winfooz

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