2020 | 3 Months | Contract- Shutter Me

A niche marketplace for photographers

Shutter Me is a client who builds the next niche market place for Kuwitian photographers, the Startup is in the seed fund phase.

Driven by user testing results and insights, I re designed, fixed and Improved various main flows in the marketplace - web version where UX was struggling. Major moments including but not limited to Registration flow for photographers & Clients, Dashboard, and Filteration of the images.  We have onboard more photographers as part a result of these changes.

Role/Process Activities
User Testing
Low FI Wireframes
Design System
User Flows

Brencil (Brain + Pencil)
Adobe XD

Rafat joined Shutter's team as a UX designer, with only couple months he was able to fix almost all of the design issues that we faced after development and going live. Rafat played an important role during the meetings, where he was always centered around the user's journey, experience, and goals.
Ebrahim Alrashed - CEO Shutter Me

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