Solving Business problems with design.

I am a remote product designer passionate about solving complex problems with huge impact on people lives. I build seamless, intuitive, and simple interfaces that satisfy the end user and help bring good vibe to the overall journey.

In more technical term, I design responsive websites, mobile apps, both iOS and Andriod, I enjoy designing native and happy to break the rule once needed. All my design work is driven with clear business goal and key metrics to measure the success.

Currently I am operating remotely from my office in Columbus, Ohio and I am more than happy to talk and learn more about your next project.

Areas of interest

Top Skills and Focus
Customer development, Business model validation, market and User research, Data modeling, Competitive Analysis, BCG matrix, User Interface, Interaction Design, Design Systems, Webflow Design, Native Mobile Design.

Industries and Sectors
Journalism, media & Human Rights, Internet, Education, Statups, E Commerce, Creator economy, Art & Crafts, Travel & Tourism.

Hire me for..

UX UI Design

Design Native Mobile Apps, Both iOS and Android. Web, Resposnsinve and Web apps.

Illustration Design

As an Artist, I deliver a package of Illustrations that match your business and brand goals, I usually do Illustration as per request, not all clients understand the benefits of adding a smooth touch of engaging Illustrations.

Webflow Design & Dev

I  build websites using Webflow, -This site is an example- . Webflow is a no Code tool. With my design experience, you will have both a well crafted UX UI design along with an exported code for your product. So once hiring me for this service you are hiring a designer and a developer.

UX UI Audit

Do not have the time nor the budget for a full redesign? No problem. I conduct a UX UI audit for you, along with expert review analysis, and Usability testing sessions if needed.

When Rafat says UX he really means it. Rafat is full of options and very explorative, he offers solutions to problems and is very flexible to discuss UX ideas with, he can see the different perspectives of the stakeholders and therefore come up with ideas that work. I loved working with Rafat and I recommend him for your UX projects.
Ash Samhouri - CEO Givingloop

Vision, and philosophy.

I hold myself to high standards, and provide high value for the investment you make in me.  All of my work is driven by three important pillars.


the user

I focus on intuitive interfaces that enable the user to do more. I believe in simplicity as a result of an in depth understanding.


Data Informed

Data does not drive the design but rather inform it in a way that leave room for creativity and cutting edge solutions.



I focus on emotions. I will always leave Easter eggs here and there to create memorable moments.

During the time we worked together at Winfooz, Rafat has always been an interesting person; someone who wants to learn, wants to give and wants to create. When we used to sit in meetings with our notebooks and pens, he would be there with his iPad and his futuristic iPad glove, drawing ideas and sketches on the iPad for things we were discussing. Whenever he wanted to present an idea, he'd present it with sketches and drawings and scenarios. As a UX expert, Rafat started to shift into analytics and showed lots of interest in understanding users behaviors using our different analytics tools. Very visual and very clever
Sary Al Asad - Head Of Technology - Winfooz & Win 260

I only work with a selected amount of clients at the same time in order to ensure high quality and meaningful outcome. If I believe I can create value for you, It would be an honor for me to serve your business needs, otherwise, I will make sure to connect you with people who can.

Still here?

If you have an idea in mind, project, a product to improve, or just want to have a chat, I would love to hear from you. You can drop me a line here

Or ping me on Twitter where I am mostly active.

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