Educational App for improving kids financial attitude

Meem Ain is a client who represent an educational consulting enterprise that designs creative solutions for childhood challenges in the light of international standards and best practices to fulfill social entrepreneurship. Concepted and build the Meem Ain iOS app. The challenge was to bring a childish theme to the app while keeping a serious educational atmosphere. The app brought good feedback after the first design round and now the team is moving into another round of iteration.



A bilingual design system using Figma that support RTL and LTR reading patterns.



Two Months - Client Work, Mali AKA Meem Aien


Stakeholders Interview, Interaction Design, Journey Maps, User Flows, UI, Design System.


Cross platform, iOS & Andriod, Both Arabic and English


Improve financial understanding within kids

Kids do not learn financial skills in school, nor do they have the basic understanding of how money works. Meem Ain offers a solution to teach kids the most basic, yet important financial skills through games, puzzles. and videos. The App track kids perfaomcane and measure their attitude toward money, and send money to parents accordingly.


Parents create their kids to allow a safe experience

The parent add their Information and then their kids. Parents can add name, gender, age, and an avatar to distinguish later between males and females. The parents have the ability it either to add more or proceed with the app. Parents can have access to their kids account in case of emergency like password recovery.


Control tasks under parents supervision

To ensure consistency in all views and since the parent has access to their parent board, the play area looks similar but with different actions based on roles.


Personalized dashboards for each family member

The parent is taken directly to a board where they learn about what they can do, add kids, edit, and remove. And of course, their first task will be to unlock lessons for kids.

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