Increasing monthly
donations raised
by loyal donors

Givingloop is a fundraising software Startup for non profit organizations. I was responsible for the UX efforts to redesign several of Givingloop products including the Donation experience on Web responsive, the marketing site registration flow, and the donor dashboard. All these re designs were guided by multiple growth experiments which boosted some key metrics for the business.



More monthly


More fees coverage



JUL 20 - APR 21
As part of my role in Givinlopp as Sr Product Designer.


User Testing, Interaction Design, Journey Maps, Task Analysis, Google Analytics, LogRocket analysis.


Web, and Responsive design.


Low percentage of donors who convert from One-Time donations to monthly ones.

With a business goal to build a sustainable donations by donors, this issue affect the revenue, the overall engagement, and the brand itself. Not only the donation flow is a major part in the experience, but it was Givingloop USP in the strategy to penetrate the US. Market. The business wanted to put more focus on monthly donations to engage the users more  and also to help keep a sustainable monthly donation for the business.


Understand the pitfalls in the current journey

I started by identifying the flaws in the current journey, the product is asking to convert to monthly in three different places, at the beginning of the experience, in the middle, and at the end after the user has finished.

There were three areas where the flow need to have fixes

1. The flow ask the user to switch to monthly three times in different locations which clutter the experience.

2. The presets defaults amounts for monthly are high.

3. The overall UI looks old fashioned and contains lots of visuals that compete for the user's attention.

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Fill the gap and add meaningful touch points

I decided to only ask the user to switch when value is perceived. I needed to make sure the user is going to reciprocate at the right moment, so I drop the last screen, by this, we have only two places where ewe ask the users to convert. Later, I with the team started the redesign process.

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Exploring toggle with joyful touch

I conceptualized the Heart-Tree metaphor to communicate growth, joy, and sustainability. Adding micro interactions on the UI level boosted the experience to another level.

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Reduce default monthly amounts to encourage users to switch

In the middle of the flow, we asked the one time donor again to switch to monthly, but this time we ask in a different way. Based on moderated testing sessions with the users we learned that.

$20 or $25 per month, are huge amount of money to ask as a monthly donation. - Screen 1.

Instead of asking for huge amounts, we can ask for a tiny amount that added to the one time donation without switching entirely to monthly.

Later, I proposed to add $1 per month as an addition to the one time donation the user picked at the beginning. The $1 shall be communicated through good copy, emotional message and more importantly, a clear impact.

By showing what a $1 can do over a year, we have shifted from V1 -Screen 2- to V2 -Screen 3- with good rate.

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Avoiding Dark patterns that trick users into more donations

We wanted the business to get rid of covering the fees on behalf of the user, so the cover fees option was briefed to the team. User can cover the transactions fees, hence, their donation will be received in full, and the business will not need to pay that extra amount.

I introduced a simple checkbox, later, we experimented the option to keep the box checked, which led to better results but later we decided to drop it since it takes advantage of the users.

In the final design, I add a small visual touch, a hint so users can learn what covering fees is, and the fees amount. The final design resulted in 15% more donors covering the fees.

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Fresh UI Design driven with simplicity.

The donation experience involved multiple redesign for some major screens on the experience and the interface levels alike. I reduced some elements and eliminate many that did not play a major role in the flow like som huge illustration.

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A description of the work
A description of the work
When Rafat says UX he really means it.
Rafat is full of options and very explorative, he offers solutions to problems and is very flexible to discuss UX ideas with, he can see the different perspectives of the stakeholders and therefore come up with ideas that work. I loved working with Rafat and I recommend him for your UX projects.
Ash Samhouri - CEO Givingloop

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